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Знайдіть найкращу роботу.
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Our Parents say:

"Thanks to Ukrainian Sitters we finally found a great Ukrainian nanny for our son!" - Polina K.

Our Service Providers say:

"I am a bit on the older side so it was hard to find a job, until I signed up with Ukrainian Sitters and was matched up with a great family who was looking for exactly what I had to offer." - Svetlana D.

Job listings

Live-in Nanny

Anna Sedletskaya (Bakersfield, CA 93314)
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Nanny, sitter, caregiver

Rebecca Yousefi (Glendale c, California 91203)
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Come and Go Sitter Needed

Natalya Bradley (Boca Raton , FL 33487)
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Victoria Sim (Miami, Florida 33133)
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Tatyana Petrunenko (Brooklyn, N.Y 11224)
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