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"Sometimes we need a few hours to ourselves, so we hop on Ukrainian Sitters to find a babysitter who is reliable and available. Great service!" - Irina L.

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"After looking for a job for 3 months, I found out about Ukrainian Sitters and immediately filled out a profile. I was contacted by a lovely mother of a 4 month old daughter the next day! I start my new job next week!" - Zhanna R.

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lyudmila epshteyn (Los Angeles, CA Van Nuys)
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looking for a full time nanny job with a family. day off - one or two days a week.

OKSANA LEVCHENKO (Channahon (Chicago), IL 60410)
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Оksana 47

OKSANA LEVCHENKO (Channahon (Chicago), IL 60410)
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Russian Language Tutor

Alisa Bashynska (Chicago, IL 60640)
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Infant living in nanny

Yuliya Prakapovich (New York, 10006)
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